Artisanal bakery

Bevor es in den Dampfbackofen geht, werden die Kipferl von Hand gewickelt.The Kipferl are twisted by hand, before lounging in the steam oven.


Learning the many secrets of being a baker has never been a cakewalk. But we believe that what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. Or in our case: crispier. It's our traditional methods and generations-old recipes that help us get that crispy exterior and chewy interior on every bread by Joseph Brot.

Being a master of the trade is one part, the other is of course the ingredients. That's why we handpick all of our suppliers to make sure that only the best goes into Jospeh Brot creations - and that only the best comes out of the oven.

And our oven, ovens with an S to be more precise, are located at our artisanal bakery in Burgschleinitz. Here, we have 35 bakers handcrafting our baked creations in the midst of beautiful forests and fields.

Don't believe us? Then come by and watch us work. We've got a massive glass front at Kirchenheidestraße 18, 3730 Burgschleinitz for curious passers-by - be it foxes and hares or hungry bread seekers.



And it smells of fresh baked breads and pastries! Smack dab in the middle of a wide-open field is the brand new Joseph artisanal bakery, an architectural bow to Mother Nature. Here, we bake and create our bread and pastries behind massive glass fronts keeping us connected to the surrounding splendor - rain and shine, flora and fauna. From this amazing location, we supply our six Vienna locations, and restaurants and markets as well.

 I8A1680Joseph Brot's artisanal bakery - one more thing to see in Waldviertel. 

There are several reasons why we find the location perfect. First, Josef is a local boy from Waldviertel and is thrilled to provide his “turf” with new jobs. Second, it's perfectly situated close to several producers who are always ready to restock our warehouse with 100 % organic ingredients. And last, but not least, this place is heaven on Earth - no better place in the world to bake bread than in Burgschleinitz' beautiful surroundings.

joseph fertigung liebe zum handwerkWhat trait do all our bakers share? Love for their craft.

Ein Brot vom Joseph erkennen Sie an seiner knusprigen Kruste und der weichen Krume. Bread by Joseph Brot is known for its crunchy crust and chewy center. 


As we've mentioned repeatedly, our suppliers are essential to the success of Jospeh Brot. Without top quality products from 100 % organic farms, we would never meet our own high standards. To find such a-level producers, we spared no expense.

Fortunately for us, Austria is blessed with ample producers who apply the same quality standards and commitment to sustainability to their products as we do to ours.


That is our bakery's guiding principle. And we're true to our word, hand kneading and hand forming our dough before placing it into the steam oven and baking it twice. It sounds stressful.

But have no fear: it's only our bakers doing the work - our dough spends up to 48 hours resting before getting some R&R in the ovens. The benefit of only using traditional baking methods: a very crunchy crust and a divinely chewy center.n.

joseph manufaktur 4 handarbeitPrepping and pampering the dough for its 48-hour rest.