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Joseph Brot in der NaglergasseOur bread boutique on the ground floor:
Joseph Brot on Naglergasse.


And this philosophy naturally underlies everything we stand for at Joseph Brot. From selecting 100% organic ingredients that embody our philosophy to the methods we use to craft our creations. These methods are naturally based on traditional recipes, which we naturally modify here and there for our modern take on classics. One thing we will never modify is our love for our handicraft. To bake and make the best bread and baked goods, you naturally have to be willing to use your hands. 

But this philosophy is not limited to our bakeries - our kitchens, too, are naturally guided by the same love of craft and highest standards of quality. Our mission is not just to make Vienna's best bread, but naturally also to serve up the freshest food in the city and create handcrafted moments of bliss with our pastries.

If you are keeping score at home: we just used the word “naturally” six times in this section - that's by no means an accident. If you ask us, we naturally have nothing against going overboard on being natural.

Joseph's values

  • 1

    Being all-natural
    comes naturally to us.

    When we open our ovens, we are met by the delightful aroma of fields, meadows and farmland.
    And with good reason—every single Joseph creation only uses organic ingredients from local producers.
    From suppliers we trust.

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    A hard-working baker
    means a lazy dough.

    If you want really good bread, you have to give your dough time. Lots of time. Our dough rests for up to 48 hours
    before we hand shape it and slide it in the oven. This way, our high quality ingredients can release their full flavor,
    and produce bread soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

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    Our bread doesn’t
    get homesick.

    Since the beginning, we have stayed true to our roots in Waldviertel,
    only using the best ingredients from local farmers and producing all of our
    products in Austria. That’s why even our French croissants feel right at home. Très bien!


Out of love for the phiner things, Josef Weghaupt founded Joseph Brot in 2009. He has since become a Bread Renaissance Man - his official, unofficial title and one that's fully apt.

After searching far and wide for the perfect loaf of bread, he set about making it himself - and helped rekindle Austria's love for high-quality bread. In addition to the best ingredients, granting his dough ample rest and a 100% dedication to making things by hand, it is the adherence to traditional recipes that make bread by Joseph Brot taste so good.

The most important ingredient of all is passion - coupled with the courage to occasionally break from tradition and reinterpret the classics. And it's this combination of old and new that transform excellent bread into a Joseph Brot creation - with a chewy center and crunchy crust. Just like our Bread Renaissance Man set out to find - long before he knew he'd be bestowed with such a lofty title.

ueberjoseph josefweghaupt
Josef Weghaupt

Josef now takes the same degree of passion and dedication to the kitchen and the patisserie: tasting, discarding and trying again - until everyone is happy. Because the biggest critic around is our taste buds. And it's not until these discerning little receptors give their approval that a new product or dish makes its way to the guests.


Wir kennen unsere LieferantenThere are worse ways to take to work -
our bakers wouldn't know.


Baking exquisite bread, creating delectable pastries and serving excellent meals in our bistro is all a matter of using the highest quality of ingredients. We pay special attention that everything is sourced from organic farms and use as many regional products as possible. Call us guilty of listening to our taste buds - and the environment.


That's why you'll find a large selection of products that have never seen the inside of an oven - including our own organic milk, eggs, sandwich spreads, assortment of pestos, various snacks, salads, organic granola or fruit jams from select partners.

Brot ist eine WissenschaftThe best recipes are only perfect
when using the best ingredients.


DAS AUGE ISST JA BEKANNTLICH MITThis picture doesn't say a thousand words, it says 6 -
we look forward to your visit!


Our stars are our products. And its our stars that know how important surroundings are. That's why, it's our goal to always set up a “Feast for the eyes” in all of our locations (ok we're also fans of good design, but the point still stands). Wood, marble and glass are the characteristic materials in our bakeries, the artisanal bakery and bistros. Sustainability and a dedication to using regional products are just as important as our ingredients.

If you still haven't dropped by for a visit, you can take a look at what you've been missing here.

Or just swing by one of our locations:
Naglergasse 9, 1010 Wien
Albertinaplatz / Führichgasse 6, 1010 Wien
Landstraßer Hauptstraße 4, 1030 Wien
Kirchengasse 3, 1070 Wien
Währinger Straße 106, 1180 Wien
Obkirchergasse 37-39, 1190 Wien
Kirchenheidestrasse 18, 3730 Burgschleinitz
Münzgasse 2, 5020 Salzburg